Spring at Wimmer DDS

Birds are singing and new flowers are blooming which must mean that spring is officially here! We are so excited for everything this beautiful season has in store.

If you’re like us and are feeling a bit cluttered after this winter, there’s no better time to refresh and reorganize your space! Cleaning out your entire house or office may sound like an impossible task and that’s why we like to tackle it one room at a time. Start with your kitchen or living room and toss out any old items. Next month, pick another room to clean and before you know it, you’ll be all set!

We can’t wait to start spending more time outside soaking up the sunshine. Since flowers are starting to bloom, we’re working on cleaning out our flower beds to get them ready for the season. Many of our kids are in little league, so we expect we’re about to be busy and in the sun quite a bit.

Our patients already are rockstar brushers and flossers, but if we had one piece of advice to clean up your oral health even more, it would be to stay away from sugar! Sugary drinks and sticky candies are ok every once in awhile, but they can be really harmful to your teeth. We want to see those smiles looking happy and healthy!

The sunshine is wonderful but there’s nothing better than seeing our patients’ smiling faces. We hope you’re having a wonderful year so far and we look forward to seeing you in the office soon!

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